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Production of stainless steel equipment for catering companies

We produce equipment that lasts a long time, looks good, and is safe to use.


We produce sinks with welded and solid-drawn bowls, an open or closed frame, with or without a backsplash. We produce standard sinks and pot wash sinks, with larger bowls.

Bowls and working surfaces are made of stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 0.6 or 0.8 mm.

The frame, depending on the model, can be made of: galvanized corner 1.5 mm; stainless corner 1.5 mm; profile stainless pipe 25 × 25 mm or 40 × 40 mm.

We use food grade stainless steel AISI 430 or 304.

The bowls have drain holes with a diameter of 54 mm, but it is possible to make drain hole with a diameter of 92 mm.

The sinks are equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for floor irregularities up to 14 mm.

Warming cabinets

Category descriptions will be here soon.

Induction cookers

Category descriptions will be here soon.

Handwash sinks

We produce four types of hand basins: wall-mounted, with or without a knee valve; floor-mounted, on a pedestal or on a cabinet with a door.

The hand basins are made entirely of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel.

The frame elements are made of AISI 430 steel. The full-length bowls are made of AISI 304 steel.

The frame of the floor wash basin on the pedestal is welded from a 25 × 25 mm profile pipe.

Egg sanitizing sinks

We produce two versions of sinks for the sanitary treatment of eggs, in three versions.

The sink is a table top with four bowls welded into it. The sink can be with or without a backsplash.

The table top and bowls are made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel sheet.

The frame, depending on the model, can be made of: galvanized corner; stainless corner, 1.5 mm; profile stainless pipe 25 × 25 mm.

The sink is equipped with an egg basket made of stainless steel. The sides of the basket and the bottom are perforated.

The sinks are equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for floor irregularities up to 14 mm.

Electric cookers

Category descriptions will be here soon.

Mop sinks

Metal mop sinks „Rest metal“ are designed for washing cleaning equipment in public catering and food industry enterprises.

We produce mop sinks with welded or solid-drawn bowls, with or without a backsplash. There are models with one or two bowls located on different tiers.

Bowls and working surfaces are made of stainless steel sheets with a thickness of 0.6 or 0.8 mm.

The frame, depending on the model, can be made of: galvanized corner 1.5 mm; stainless corner 1.5 mm; profile stainless pipe 40 × 40 mm.

We use stainless steel AISI 430 or 304.

The bowls have drain holes with a diameter of 54 mm, but it is possible to make drain hole with a diameter of 92 mm.

The sinks are equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for floor irregularities up to 14 mm.

Production tables

We produce seven types of work tables in four versions: a few hundred variants!

Tables are available in an centre or wall version (with or without a backsplash).

The table top is made of 0.6 or 0.8 mm thick stainless steel sheet. There are tables with a polypropylene countertop, at least 20 mm thick.

At the bottom of the table, depending on the model, there may be: a four-side frame, a solid shelf or a lattice shelf.

Shelves-add-ons for work tables are manufactured and sold separately.

All tables are equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Waste collection tables

Waste collection tables „Rest Metal“ are designed for collection of food waste at catering enterprises.

The metal table top with a hole for waste collection is made of 0.6 or 0.8 mm thick stainless steel sheet. The table top is reinforced with a board. It can be with or without a backsplash.

The frame, depending on the model, can be made of: galvanised angle; stainless angle, 1.5 mm; stainless steel profile pipe 40 × 40 mm.

For the convenience of installing a food waste container under the table, the frame is strapped only on three sides.

We use food grade stainless steel AISI 430 or 304.

The tables are equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Baking tables

Baking tables are designed for rolling out dough and preparing pastry products.

The table top made of beech wood is mounted on a collapsible frame made of stainless steel pipe (steel AISI 430) 40 × 40 mm.

The table top can withstand a load of up to 100 kg.

A shelf can be installed in the bottom of the frame, with a permissible load of up to 50 kg.

Adjustable legs compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Pre-wash and dish dispensing tables

Pre-washing tables are designed for collection of food waste; pre-washing of dishes, glasses, equipment; loading of cassettes for the dishwasher.

Dish dispensing tables are used for receiving cassettes with clean dishes from the dishwasher.

All tables are completely made of stainless steel: the table top is made of 0.8 mm thick metal sheet, the frame is made of 40 × 40 mm profile pipe.

The table top can withstand a load of up to 100kg and can be with or without a backsplash. At the bottom of the table, a shelf can be built into the frame with a load capacity of up to 50 kg.

The table top of the prewashing tables can be equipped with a solid-drawn bowl and a waste collection hole.

Vegetable cleaning tables

This tables are designed for the final cleaning of products (vegetables, fruit, fish) from the residues of peel or husks that may remain on the product after mechanical processing in cleaning machines.

The table top is made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel sheet. The table top is equipped with a welded bowl, in front of which there is a 200 mm diameter hole for waste collection. There is models with or without three-side backsplash.

The frame with three-sided strapping, depending on the version, can be made of: galvanised or stainless steel angle 1.5 mm thick; profile pipe 40 × 40 mm.

Adjustable legs compensate for unevenness of the floor up to 14 mm. The tables can be mounted on wheels.

Crockery racks and shelves

Shelves and racks are designed for drying, storing plates and glasses in professional kitchens and food production facilities.

The shelves are made of 0.8 mm thick stainless steel sheet.

Two-level wall-mounted racks and four-level floor racks, depending on the version, have a frame made of: galvanised or stainless steel angle 1.5 mm thick; profile pipe 40 × 40 or 25 × 25 mm. A 0.6 mm thick stainless steel tray is installed under the dish cassettes.

Kitchen racks

Category descriptions will be here soon.


Hoods are designed to remove excess heat, steam, moisture, combustion products from the production facilities of catering enterprises.

We produce wall and centre hoods in two versions: exhaust and inlet-exhaust. Each modification has a large range of sizes, allowing to choose an umbrella for kitchens of any configuration.

Our hoods are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 430 0,8 mm thick and are equipped with removable grease traps of labyrinth type.

The basic version is supplied without fan and light. Electrical equipment can be installed separately at an additional cost.

Kitchen shelves

We manufacture stainless steel shelves for storing food, dishes, kitchen utensils, and cleaning supplies.

In our catalog:

  • Wall-mounted open shelves (single and double-tier)
  • Closed wall-mounted shelves with and without doors
  • Additional shelves for tables and racks
  • Specialized shelves for cutting boards and lids

The working surfaces of the shelves are made of stainless steel sheets. The frames can be made of:

  • Stainless steel sheets
  • Galvanized angle with a thickness of 1.5 mm
  • Stainless angle with a thickness of 1.5 mm
  • Profiled stainless steel pipe 20 × 20 mm or 25 × 25 mm

Kitchen carts

We manufacture waiter, utility, and tray trolleys.

Waiter trolleys are made of AISI 430 stainless steel: the shelves are made of 0.8 mm thick sheet, and the frame is made of 20 mm pipe. They usually have 2-3 shelves, but custom options are available.

Utility trolleys feature a reinforced platform made of AISI 430 stainless steel sheet, mounted on a welded frame made of 40 × 40 mm stainless steel pipe.

Tray trolleys are entirely made of stainless steel. Various types of guides are installed on a welded tubular frame. The economical versions use 20 × 20 mm pipe, while standard versions have a frame made of 25 × 25 mm pipe.

Work tables with cabinets

Cabinet tables are used as cutting tables and storage cabinets for dishes, kitchen utensils, dry food, and cutlery in catering establishments, warehouses, and utility rooms.

The cabinet tables are made entirely of stainless steel: AISI 430 sheet steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm for tabletops, side panels, shelves, and profile pipes measuring 25 × 25 or 40 × 40 mm for the welded frame. The tabletops are reinforced with a chipboard plate. They can have a backsplash.

Adjustable legs compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Stainless steel cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets are used for storing crockery, inventory, kitchen utensils and products that do not require special temperature storage conditions.

The cabinets have a frame made of 25 × 25 mm profiled metal pipe. The floor, sides, shelves, doors are made of stainless steel sheet not less than 0.6 mm thick.

The shelves can hold a load of up to 25 kg. The cabinet can be closed with hinged or compartment doors.

Adjustable feet compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Bar stations

An equipped bartender's workstation consisting of various modules. The bar station is designed to simplify and make the bartender's work as efficient as possible.

„Rest Metal“ produces several serial models of stations, and we also manufacture almost any configuration to order.

Stations can have a frameless design or have a frame made of stainless steel profile pipe 25 × 25 or 40 × 40 mm.

Table tops, sides, doors, shelves, drawers are made of stainless steel sheet not less than 0,6 mm thick.

Bar stations can be equipped with: hinged doors, drawers, solid-drawn bowls, ice tanks, compartments for gastronomic containers, bottle rack, blender shelf, waste bin section.


The stands are designed for temporary storage of kitchen equipment and foodstuffs. They can also be used as stands for cauldrons with first courses.

The product is a collapsible frame with a table top mounted on it, reinforced with fibreboard.

The table top is made of 0.6 or 0.8 mm thick stainless steel sheet. The frame, depending on the model, can be made of: galvanised angle; stainless angle, 1.5 mm; stainless steel profile pipe 40 × 40 mm.

The stands are equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Equipment stands

The stands are designed for installation of technological and other kitchen equipment: combi steamers, baking ovens, dishwashers and pizza ovens, etc.

The stands are made of stainless steel AISI 430: welded frame made of 25 × 25 mm or 40 × 40 mm pipe; other parts are made of 0.8 mm thick sheet steel.

The table top is reinforced with 16 mm thick laminated chipboard.

The stand is equipped with guides for: cassettes, baking sheets or gastronorms.

Adjustable legs allow to compensate for floor unevenness up to 14 mm.

Baking trays and shapes

Category descriptions will be here soon.

The equipment is manufactured by highly qualified specialists from the best materials on modern high-tech machines.

We cut accurately, weld and assemble with care. All parts are carefully machined to protect people from injury: surfaces are polished, sharp edges are cleaned.

Based in Krasnodar

Head office - 41, Peredovaya St. / 15, Filatova St.

Production and warehouse - 3/1, 4th Tikhoretsky drive

We have been working since 2014

We have been equipping catering companies for 7 years.

In 2018 we opened our own production facility.

Two brands

"Rest Metal" - equipment for the local market;

"GP" - export modification for deliveries to the regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.

We accept orders from all over Russia and abroad.

Direct sales

We supply equipment directly, without intermediaries: retail and wholesale.

Low prices

Direct sales allow us to keep prices for serialized products at a minimum.

Customized products

We can customize virtually any stainless steel piece to order.


We repair any manufacturing defects within six months.

Our equipment is used by restaurants, cafes, canteens, food production, hotels, sanatoriums, schools, kindergartens and many other enterprises. Here are some of them:

PGS — PetroGasStroy
Construction company, Krasnodar city
Private medical centers, Krasnodar city
Alcohol Company, Moscow city
«Rosa Khutor»
Restaurant Group, Rosa Khutor
«Neometria», «Yuzhane»
Residential complex, Krasnodar city
«The Pearl of the sea»
Sanatorium, Kabardinka village
SPA hotel, Sochi city
School №2
Educational institution, The village of Giaginskaya
Sanatorium, Krasnodar region
Sanatorium, Sochi city
Child centre, Krasnodar region
„Myastorg“ chain of butcher shops
Markets, Rostov-on-Don city
„Leroy Merlin“
Supermarkets, Krasnodar city
„Kubansky molochnik“
Food factory, Leningradskaya village
„Gelendzhik Golf Resort“
Golf Club, Gelendzhik city
Don State Technical University
Educational institution, Rostov-on-Don city
„DIM Coffee“
Coffee Company, Krasnodar city
Supermarkets, Maykop city
International child
centre, Yalta city
Armavir Biofactory
Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Armavir city
Ethnographic Park Museum, Kaluga Region
Kindergartens №48, 208, 230
Kindergartens, Krasnodar city
Schools №4, 5, 7, 15, 16
Educational institutions, Timashevsk city
Supermarkets, Krasnodar region
Maykop Brewery
Brewery, Maykop city

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