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About us

We are the Catering Technologies Group of companies. Since 2014, we have been equipping catering establishments, shops, hotels, schools and kindergartens. Based in Krasnodar, we work with clients from all over Russia and other countries.

In 2018, the production of stainless steel equipment was opened under the trademarks "Rest Metal" and "GP".

Rest Metal — equipment for the local market;

GP is a trademark for export to other regions and outside the Russian Federation.

We started by making the simplest samples of neutral equipment. We worked hard every day to expand the range and improve the quality of our products. Today, all types of neutral equipment in budget and premium versions are presented in our catalog, the first samples of thermal equipment have appeared, and a series of refrigeration equipment is being prepared for release.

In addition to a wide range of mass-produced products, we manufacture piece products according to individual orders. A rack combined with a table and a sink? You are welcome! Nothing is impossible for us.

The secret of our success is that the equipment is produced by highly qualified specialists using the best materials on modern high—tech machines. We precisely cut, carefully weld and assemble, carefully clean and check.

Our goal is to make equipment that lasts a long time, looks good and is safe to use, and we are good at it.